Why Aditum

Why Aditum

One of North America’s Leading Splunk Services Firms,

Exclusively Focused on Splunk

Our Culture is Driven by Customer Success

When you make the decision to rely on a Splunk consulting firm, you should expect the best.

Aditum’s Core Value #1: Be Obsessed with Customer Success.

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The Right Splunk Consultant for You

Different companies utilize Splunk in different manners. Regardless of your use case(s), Aditum has the right Splunk consultant for you. As one of the nation’s only Splunk consulting firms, we’ve built a staff of Splunk Certified Consultants that have expertise beyond core Splunk and are adept with premium apps such as Splunk ES and Splunk ITSI.  Our objective is to ensure that you get the most business value out of the Splunk platform and your investment.

Aditum differs from many other technology services firms, including those offering Splunk consulting services, in several ways:

Focused Approach = Deeper Experience

Many IT services firms or resellers are involved with a broad range of offerings.  Aditum’s sole focus is on Splunk software and Splunk consulting. Splunk is a comprehensive tool with a wide portfolio of add-ons and apps, all of which change and advance quickly. Our dedication to focusing our expertise ensures that our clients benefit from Splunk consultants that are rich in the expertise that is required for a successful deployment and on-going Splunk platform.  This includes knowledge of the most recent Splunk releases and best practices.

Seniority of Staff

Aditum’s Splunk Professional Services Consultants marry years of industry experience with the highest levels of Splunk certifications. New team members actually go through an extensive, four-month-long, Splunk-led training and readiness process required of Splunk Professional Services consultants. Aditum does not hire junior staff that may have simply gone through a training and certification program, but possess little real world expertise or lesser competencies. Splunk is complex, based upon the myriad of systems and technologies that it has the capability of integrating with. Real Splunk consulting expertise can only be found with systems engineers or security professionals with years of experience. That “time in the seat”, coupled with significant Splunk platform experience, is invaluable and a hallmark of Aditum’s practice.

Proximity of Resources

Aditum continues to build out our Splunk professional services teams with residencies across different geographic markets, spanning major cities from New York to Chicago to Los Angeles and many other cities. The objective is to supply Splunk consultants that are, in some cases, local to clients. This brings down travel costs and reduces client spend, when this is possible.

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Contact us today to discuss your needs and how we can help assure that you get the most out of your Splunk investment. Aditum is your source of contract for Splunk Architects, Splunk Administrators, Splunk Developers and Information Security consultants with advanced Splunk expertise.

“I found Aditum’s consultants to be extremely productive, and each  overcame a steep local environment learning curve in a remarkably short period of time.”

– Fortune 1000 Financial (Card) Services Firm