A Splunk Engineer’s Guide to Migration

As a Splunk Professional Services consultant I have the good fortune of working with really smart and experienced engineers, and the combination of smart and experienced means they’re trying to be as ready as they can for what comes next. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to prepare for a Splunk migration.…Learn MoreA Splunk Engineer’s Guide to Migration

CIM Compliance – A Simple Walkthrough

Making data CIM compliant can be a daunting and confusing exercise for new Splunkers and experienced ones alike. Often the biggest misconceptions have to do with the approach rather than the exercise itself. My biggest piece of advice – start with the end in mind.…Learn MoreCIM Compliance – A Simple Walkthrough

CIM, What… Why… How…

During your SIEM journey there will be many terms thrown your way, understanding those terms is absolutely essential when it comes to your security environment. In this article, we will bring clarity to one of the more important terms in SIEM, CIM (Common Information Model) Lets Start with the Basics! …Learn MoreCIM, What… Why… How…

Splunk 2020 Predictions

In a this rapidly changing digitized world, data is at the root of everything, and essential to solving every problem. From basic business decisions to global crises, a panel of technology experts at Splunk has assembled more than a dozen predictions about how technology will transform business and daily life.…Learn MoreSplunk 2020 Predictions

12 Steps to Splunk Success

Splunk can provide transformational value to both middle-market as well as enterprise organizations. As with any IT solution, and Splunk is certainly no different, proper time and commitment is required for users to attain that value. Are you getting the most value out of your investment in Splunk?…Learn More12 Steps to Splunk Success

Caught Red Handed…. Using Splunk to Catch Retail Theft Rings

According to The National Retail Federation, retail theft costs U.S. companies $30 Billion a year, with “professional/habitual shoplifters” responsible for 10% ($3b) of all retail theft. And the problem is only getting worse, with losses increasing at 7% year per year. How can you defend yourself against these losses?…Learn MoreCaught Red Handed…. Using Splunk to Catch Retail Theft Rings

Splunk Data On-boarding – Wrestle with Tough Data… and Win

On-boarding data into Splunk is a fundamental skill and common place for a Splunk Admin. In this article, we will prepare you for situations where getting data into Splunk presents a political or technical tarpit you might not expect. …Learn MoreSplunk Data On-boarding – Wrestle with Tough Data… and Win