Splunk Assets and Identities

Splunk Assets and Identities

Assets and Identities: A Technical Review

Speed and Accuracy are key to Enterprise Security.

In this video, you’ll see how Splunk’s Assets and Identities capabilities help make your security investigations faster and better.

Want to learn more around how to bolster your organizations security posture with Splunk? 

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Splunk can provide transformational value to both middle-market as well as enterprise organizations. As with any IT solution, and Splunk is certainly no different, proper time and commitment is required for users to attain that value.  Enter Aditum!

Aditum’s Success Plan for Splunk:

  • Relies on ongoing technical involvement in the form of scheduled, monthly touches between your company’s admins, engineers or Splunk power users, and an Aditum Splunk SME
  • Is based upon a series of specific, prescriptive, focused, tasks
  • Allows customers to leverage Aditum’s IT and security domain expertise, not simply product expertise.

Aditum’s Managed Services:

  • Do not have in-house Splunk expertise, or feel that it will be difficult to acquire or retain Splunk staff
  • Have system administrators or tools engineers that are overburdened with workload and can’t add more to their plate
  • Simply want to leverage external Splunk expertise as the preferred method of platform administration.

Aditum Splunk Professional Services:

  • Software Evaluation Guidance and Proof of Concept, Initial Splunk Deployments, Environment Upgrades/Scaling
  • Premium Apps Implementation and Support,Building of Dashboards/Reports, On-Call Support & Troubleshooting
  • Splunk Health Checks,
  • Development of Splunk Apps & Technical Add-On

“Splunk is amazing and capable of incredible outcomes – but it’s like flying a plane, it just doesn’t happen on it’s own – it requires strong piloting and co-piloting.”

– Fortune 500 Insurance Provider

“We have a demanding development environment and Aditum has delivered top notch support.

– Large Health Insurance Provider

“I found Aditum’s consultants to be extremely productive, and each  overcame a steep local environment learning curve in a remarkably short period of time.”

– Fortune 1000 Financial (Card) Services Firm