Aditum’s Success Plan for Splunk

Success Plan for Splunk

You’ve Made the Investment, Now Get the Most Out of It!

Splunk can provide transformational value to both middle-market as well as enterprise organizations. As with any IT solution, proper time and commitment are required for users to achieve that value. There are several hurdles that customers commonly face that can prevent them from achieving these desired results with Splunk:

  • Many system administrators and security engineers are over-burdened, wearing too many hats, neglecting to invest the proper time in Splunk.
  • Organizations may lack specific in-house Splunk subject matter expertise, resulting in the failure to fully develop the capabilities of Splunk.
  • Experienced Splunk Admins may move on from an organization, leaving the Splunk environment significantly neglected, or in the worst case, as shelfware.

For organizations with strained resources struggling to adopt and take ownership of Splunk, Aditum has developed the Success Plan for Splunk.

Aditum’s Success Plan for Splunk:

  • Relies on ongoing technical involvement in the form of scheduled, monthly touches between your company’s admins, engineers or Splunk power users, and an Aditum Splunk SME.
  • Is based upon a series of specific, prescriptive, focused, tasks.
  • Allows customers to leverage Aditum’s IT and security domain expertise, not simply product expertise.
  • Drives greater results from your business across IT, Security, and App Dev (depending on your Splunk use).

The Success Plan for Splunk is designed to address common issues across all customers, who universally need help with:

  • Use case development
  • Technical use of Splunk
  • General Security, IT Ops or AppDev consulting
  • Data interpretation

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Customers who make the time investment and truly take ownership of the Splunk platform will realize outsized gains. Whether you’ve just deployed Splunk or you’re an existing Splunk customer who is ready to improve your current environment, Aditum can help!

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