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Splunk 2020 Predictions

Last Updated on July 28, 2020

In a this rapidly changing digitized world, data is at the root of everything, and essential to solving every problem.  From basic business decisions to global crises, a panel of technology experts at Splunk has assembled more than a dozen predictions about how technology will transform business and daily life.

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Emerging Technologies are creating the “Dawn of the connected Decade,” with the adoption of technologies like AI, 5G and Blockchain, which will put the connection of all to all into hyperdrive.  Learn how these technologies will create great new opportunities and challenges for I.T.

Transformative technologies enable faster security breaches.  Automating security operations is a must.  It’s not just the sophistication of new security threats, it’s the speed at which they can infiltrate and damage your organization.  Gain insight into the emerging technologies that are creating greater security risks.

Indulge Your End Users.  Empower Your Enterprise.  Everyone talks about an empowered, engaged workforce.  Does your technology support that goal?  Let’s review the technology and social trends that will require a balance between process and people to create success.

“Splunk Predictions 2020” gives you insight into all this and more. 

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