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Develop Splunk Apps and Technical Add-Ons with Help from Aditum

Splunk has a large base of apps and technical add-ons available to customers via their Splunkbase marketplace. These Splunk apps are developed by Splunk themselves, as well as members of the Splunk community.

The idea behind these Splunk apps is so that customers don’t need to “recreate the wheel”, so to speak. Customers can make use of the more than 1,000 apps to extend Splunk’s functionality, without performing custom Splunk development.

However, in many instances, you may want to integrate Splunk with proprietary solutions, in order to ingest or correlate this data as well as analyze, visualize and report on information from this software. This is where Splunk development is necessary and where Aditum can help.

Splunk app development requires many different skills that essentially marries the worlds of IT infrastructure and development. On one hand, the Splunk developer needs to know Splunk’s SPL language as well as programming languages such as Python or others. On the other hand, particularly with Splunk’s more recent offerings, web programming expertise in JavaScript and CSS is required for the development of advanced dashboards within Splunk.

This becomes important, because many companies think that anyone titled “Splunk Administrator” can perform these Splunk development tasks. This may or may not be accurate. Traditional Splunk Admins do not come from a development background. While they are able to deploy and manage a company’s Splunk environment, including data ingestion into Splunk, and development of basic dashboards using SimpleXML, they may not possess the web development skills – particularly JavaScript and CSS – that are required to build advanced dashboards that many Splunk end-users are demanding, especially reporting for higher level executives.

100% Splunk Focused

Aditum is one of the only IT service firms in the United States that offers Splunk consulting services with a 100% focus on Splunk.

Aditum’s business model is built around being myopic around Splunk for the sole purpose of providing clients with the market’s top-level expertise around the platform. We’ve purposely chosen not partner with multiple software vendors and spread our expertise thin across different products. Our goal is to be recognized as the nation’s ‘go-to’ provider of Splunk expertise.

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Aditum’s Splunk consulting service offerings focus on providing companies with Splunk developers that can assist with these Splunk development related initiatives.