Splunk Consulting Services

Splunk Consulting Services

Splunk Consulting Expertise When it’s Needed the Most

How Aditum is Different

Splunk capabilities across different Splunk partners vary greatly.

The hallmark of Aditum’s Splunk Consulting Services is our investment in one of the market’s largest and most accomplished Splunk engineering teams.

Eddie Humenik explains more in this short video.

A Market Leading Group of Splunk Certified Consultants

Aditum has assembled one of the market’s leading group of Splunk Certified Consultants. When your organization needs to bring in outside Splunk consulting services, Aditum is ready to leverage our Splunk services team for your benefit. Our services include:

Architecture and Design

Whether you’re standing up your initial instance of Splunk, expanding use cases, or consolidating multiple, disparate instances of Splunk into a centrally managed Splunk environment, Aditum’s Splunk consulting services can help. We’ll assure your Splunk environment is properly designed from the start. Learn more about our Splunk architecture and design consulting services.

Administration (Residency)

You have done your initial deployment of Splunk, yet you need additional guidance with regards to the platform. You may want to add additional data sources, develop advanced dashboards, train existing staff or optimize Splunk queries. You don’t have enough Splunk expertise in-house, or your existing staff is burdened with other priorities. Aditum can help. Learn more about our Splunk administration consulting services.


Splunk has over 1,000 apps on Splunkbase, offering out-of-the-box functionality and integration with systems that act as data sources for Splunk. However, you have proprietary applications and you require custom Splunk apps developed that aid in the integration of Splunk with these home-grown systems. Or you are a software company and need an app or technical add-on developed that will allow your product to integrate with Splunk. Aditum’s Splunk consulting services include the development of Splunk apps and technical add-ons. Learn more about our Splunk development consulting services.

InfoSec Consultants

You need consulting help on your Information Security team. Perhaps an InfoSec Analyst, but not just someone that will perform Incident Response, but also has dual InfoSec “engineering” capabilities and can assist with developing advanced Splunk dashboards and alerts. Splunk consulting services from Aditum include InfoSec Analysts with dual “tool engineering” capabilities. Learn more about our Splunk enterprise security & SIEM consulting services.

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“Based on their understanding of our business and technical needs, Aditum is able to deliver highly qualified consultants against our specific requirements.”

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