Splunk Architecture and Design Consulting

Splunk Architecture and Design Consulting

Aditum’s Splunk Certified Architects Provide Expert Guidance for Both New Splunk Deployments as well as Splunk Expansion Within an Enterprise

Splunk Certified Architects

Aditum provides access to Splunk Architects who bring years of combined Splunk consulting experience to client projects. We provide clients with the know-how and expertise to deliver a fully optimized Splunk implementation, designed to Splunk best practices and with scalability in mind.

Expansion of your Splunk platform

It’s common that most organizations initially deploy Splunk for a single use case. That initial Splunk deployment in many cases did not account for expansion of the platform across an enterprise or greater data capacity. Aditum’s Splunk Architects will help you design and configure your Splunk platform to meet both current needs and anticipated growth. Our Splunk architecture consultants will also solve complex Splunk integration challenges and debug complex Splunk configuration issues that clients may be facing.

Expert guidance

Aditum’s Splunk architecture and design consultants can provide guidance to include:

  • Use-case development
  • Data source identification
  • Architecture guidance
  • Reference architecture scenarios
  • Data retention policies
  • Availability
  • Searching capability

100% Splunk Focused

Aditum is one of the only IT service firms in the United States that offers Splunk consulting services with a 100% focus on Splunk.

Aditum’s business model is built around being myopic around Splunk for the sole purpose of providing clients with the market’s top-level expertise around the platform. We’ve purposely chosen not partner with multiple software vendors and spread our expertise thin across different products. Our goal is to be recognized as the nation’s ‘go-to’ provider of Splunk expertise.

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Finally, Aditum’s Splunk consulting staff can be counted on to mentor and train your own Splunk admins and users.