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Splunk Administration Consulting

Aditum’s Splunk Administration Consultants Assure that You Get

the Most Out of Your Splunk Deployment

Splunk customers typically engage Splunk’s Professional Services team for the initial scoping, architecture and deployment of Splunk into their environment.

But what happens when the Splunk architecture and design team departs?

It’s common for Splunk customers to need contract Splunk administrators post-deployment. These resources provide valuable expertise until full-time staff can become more proficient with the platform, or until new hires with experience in Splunk can be identified and on-boarded. Our Splunk administration consultants also provide value in diffusing the workload of your full-time staff, who often have other responsibilities.

Through our Splunk Residency program, one of Aditum’s core service offerings is supplying expert Splunk admins on a consulting basis. All of our consultants have significant Splunk project experience under their belt, on top of many years of prior technology industry experience. Many of our team members are Splunk Certified Consultants, ensuring competent expertise is brought to your organization.

100% Splunk Focused

Aditum is one of the only IT service firms in the United States that offers Splunk consulting services with a 100% focus on Splunk.

Aditum’s business model is built around being myopic around Splunk for the sole purpose of providing clients with the market’s top-level expertise around the platform. We’ve purposely chosen not partner with multiple software vendors and spread our expertise thin across different products. Our goal is to be recognized as the nation’s ‘go-to’ provider of Splunk expertise.

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