InfoSec Consultants with Splunk Expertise

InfoSec Consultants with Splunk Expertise

Information Security and Splunk Administration Intersect with

Aditum’s Splunk Consulting Expertise

In larger organizations, Splunk engineering stands as its’ own role, supporting information security use cases and Information Security Analysts as users of Splunk as a SIEM tool.

Some Splunk Information Security Analysts go beyond simply being a user of Splunk as a SIEM tool to perform InfoSec duties. Many of these professionals develop advanced capabilities with Splunk and cross over into the domain of Splunk administration. Typically these are InfoSec Analysts with advanced scripting skills that go beyond Splunk’s own query language (typically, Python scripting or other scripting languages). In many instances, these capabilities also typically extend to using CSS, JavaScript and HTML to develop advanced dashboards.

Part of Aditum’s service offerings include providing Splunk enterprise security consultants with these advanced skill sets and capabilities.

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100% Splunk Focused

Aditum is one of the only IT service firms in the United States that offers Splunk consulting services with a 100% focus on Splunk.

Aditum’s business model is built around being myopic around Splunk for the sole purpose of providing clients with the market’s top-level expertise around the platform. We’ve purposely chosen not partner with multiple software vendors and spread our expertise thin across different products. Our goal is to be recognized as the nation’s ‘go-to’ provider of Splunk expertise.