Aditum Realizes Continued Record Growth in 2020

Aditum Realizes Continued Record Growth in 2020

Aditum is pleased to announce continued record growth in 2020. 

Key highlights include:

  • Double digit revenue growth for the third consecutive year
  • 50% expansion of our Splunk Services team
  • Over 100 new customers which trusted Aditum with their data analytics needs
  • The development of software products tied to cloud-based cybersecurity and cyber compliance

“Despite the COVID-induced pandemic, 2020 was another solid year for Aditum” said Jim Barge, Partner at Aditum.  “Like all businesses, we were certainly challenged in the earlier parts of the year.  Aditum was still able to finish 2020 at high water marks for revenue and employee headcount.”

“What I’m most pleased and humbled by, however, is that we finished the year with an average Customer Satisfaction rating of 9.78.  Over sixty customers took time to provide their assessment of our services delivery. This customer feedback tied to their experience with Aditum is a testament to the team that we have assembled and their daily commitment to our customers.  Bar none, we have the most accomplished Splunk consulting organization in North America.”

Aditum finished the year with 27 Accredited Splunk Consultants, the largest accredited Splunk team of any Splunk partner globally.

Entering 2021, Aditum has established an ambitious 3-year growth plan which includes the broadening of services offerings to those areas that leverage our existing capabilities, tied to areas of significant customer need.  These include additional investments in Aditum’s cybersecurity, compliance, fraud prevention and technology observability practices.

About Aditum

Aditum (Latin: “to access”) is a technology services firm specializing in next-generation Analytics solutions based upon the Splunk platform. The company has built one of North America’s largest and most accomplished Splunk Services team. Our Splunk Certified Consultants drive client success with initial Splunk deployments, environment upgrades/scaling, building of dashboards/searches/reports and performing Splunk health checks, across all major Splunk use cases (IT Ops, IT Security and DevOps). Aditum also provides Splunk Managed Services for those organizations needing assistance with ongoing platform administration, assuring that customers can realize the value of the analytics platform.

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